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Salleri teacher in seven year wait for salary (The Himalayan Times)

Salleri teacher in seven year wait for salary

The Himalayan Times


SOLUKHUMBU: A teacher at Balmandir located in the district headquarters, Salleri, has not got her salary after the end of monarchy in the country.

The teacher, Sunita Kayastha, has not got her salary since 2062 BS. The Balmandir was established in 2039 BS.

Denied salary for the past seven years, she has now been visiting the Department of Education and Central Office of Nepal Children's Organization (NCO) asking for salary.

The District Education Office (DAO) had given recognition of Primary level to the Balmandir in 2045 BS. After that, the DAO had provided one teacher in quota and day meal was provided to one teacher and students by the NCO, but the teacher could not get salary and students could not get the day meal for all these seven years.

Teacher Kayastha said that she worked with the assurances of getting salaries but was not successful so far.

She added that the DAO has been providing Rs. 1,800 per month under EDC class.

According to the District Education Officer, Devendra Raj Khanal, the DAO did not provide the salary as the Balmandir is under the Nepal Children's Organization. There are 21 students in the Balmandir.

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