Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Placement Reports

PEAR has received inquiries from prospective and newly adoptive families concerning post placement requirements for adoption from Nepal. Adoption agencies offering programs in Nepal vary widely with regard to information on this subject. Stated requirements range from no reports, to annual reports during the first two years post placement, to annual reports until the child is 18. The Nepal Country Specific page on the DOS website states that there are no placement requirements for Nepal.

We have researched this information with the Nepal government and adoption agencies and have confirmed that Nepal requires annual post placement reports until the child reaches majority. The exact wording is:

"Every alien having adopted a Nepali child after obtaining approval from the Ministry pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and Process shall be required to send once a year through the concerned listed organization or agency or Nepal based embassy of his/her country and, in its absence, the embassy looking after Nepal the statement relating to the maintenance, education and health of such child and recently taken post-card size photograph of the child, until s/he attends majority as per the law of the concerned country."

Notification of The Government of Nepal Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Terms and Conditions and Process for Granting Approval
for Adoption of Nepali Child by Alien, 2008, Chapter 7 Paragraph 17(3)
(for a downloadable version of the Terms and Conditions, please see: )

PEAR has requested that the DOS update the Country specific page for Nepal to reflect the requirements as promulgated by the Nepal government. We also wish to suggest that adoption agencies offering Nepal programs update the information they provide to clients and the general public to properly reflect the Nepal requirements with respect to post placement reports.

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