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Renewal of Foreign Organizations or Agencies (MOWCSW notice)

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare

Notice on

Renewal of Foreign Organizations or Agencies

Date: 4 September 2011

Upon scrutiny the applications submitted by the following foreign organizations along with other documents for renewal pursuant to the notice published on 2 January 2011 for renewal of the foreign organizations enlisted for two years with effect from 1 January 2009 under this Ministry with regards to inter-country adoption, this is to inform all the concerned that the following foreign organizations have been renewed for two years with effect from 1 January 2011 subject to observance of the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

(a) The foreign organizations or agencies enlisted with the Ministry shall be required to produce the evidence indicating recognition received from the Hague Secretariat.

(b) It is required to comply with the directives issued by the Ministry and the Committee from time to time.

(c) The enlisted foreign organizations or agencies shall be required to deposit the rest amount annually payable for MoU in 2010 in the bank account designated by the Committee within forty-five days from the date of renewal.

(d) The enlisted foreign organizations or agencies shall be required to establish their contact office pursuant to Section 11(4) of the Terms and Conditions and Process for Granting Approval for Adoption of Nepali child by an Alien 2065 (2008)" and shall also be required to make address of the contact office, contact persons and other employees available to the Committee.

(e) The qualifications of the In-charge of the contact office shall be as follows:

(i) He/she shall be a Nepali citizen designated by the enlisted foreign organizations or agencies.

(ii) He/she shall be a person who has done at least Bachelor Degree from the recognized university or he/she has worked in the sector of children for at least ten years.

(iii) He/she has never been convicted of any criminal offence pursuant to the laws in force.

(iv) He/she or any member of his/her family has not been a Director or Member or administrative chief or employee of any children home/ orphanage or Bal Mandir enlisted with the Ministry.

(v) He/she shall produce written guarantee indicating that he/she is not involved in more than one foreign organization or agency.

(f) The foreign organizations or agencies enlisted with the Ministry shall be required to obtain an approval of the Inter-country Adoption Management Development Committee through the concerned contact office while voluntarily providing assistance in the sector of Nepali children.

(g) The foreign organizations or agencies shall be required to place the accurately updated information and data relating to the inter-country adoption on their websites.

(h) If it is found that any foreign organization or agency fails to comply with the aforesaid terms and conditions, the Ministry may delist such a foreign organization or agency at any time on the recommendation of the Committee.

Name of the Foreign Organizations :

1. New Beginnings adoptions and Family Services, USA

2. Holt International, USA

3. AIPA Erga Pueros, Italy

4. ANDENI, Spain

5. AC International,Denmark

6. Namaste Asocion Aragonesa Para La Promocion De La Infancia, Spain

7. Mami Wata, Spain

8. Ninos Sin Fronteras, Spain

9. Wide Horizons for Children, USA

10. International Adoption, USA

11. Gladney Center for Adoption , USA

12. Families Thru International Adoption, USA

13. Internationa Adoption Tracento, Italy

14. Amici De Bambini, Italy

15. Adopsjonsforum, Norway

16. Adoption Ark, USA

17. NAAA, Italy

18. Associazione Ariete Onlus, Italy

19. Children's Home Society & Family Services, USA

20. Danadopt, Denmark

21. DeColores Adoptions International, USA

22. Adoption Alliance, USA

23. Choices Adoption & Counselling, Canada

24. All God's Children International, USA

25. Associazone Amici Trentini, Italy

26. Adoptions Centrum, Sweden

27. Ecai Balbalika, Spain

28. Anpas Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze, Italy

29. L'Airone Onlus, Italy

30. Hope Promise, USA

31. Adoption Star, USA

32. Pearl S. Buck International, USA

33. La Vida International, USA

34. Adopt International & Domestic Services, USA

35. Illien Adoptions International Inc, USA

36. The Joy Sowers, Belgium

Terms and Procedures for Adoption of Nepalese Children by Foreign Citizen(Second Amendment), 2067 (2011)

Inter-country Adoption Management Committee (Formation) Order, 2067 (2011)

List of Foreign Agency Enlisted in the Ministry

Definition and Classification of Special Needs Children

Terms and Conditions and process for granting approval for adoption (First Amendment) 2067

Terms and Conditions and process for granting approval for adoption 2065

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