Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Submission of Application regarding the Inter Country Adoption (MOWCSW)

Submission of Application regarding the Inter Country Adoption (MOWCSW):

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare

Inter Country Adoption Management Committee

Singh Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: Submission of Application regarding the Inter Country Adoption

Date: 17 November 2011

In accordance with the Article 8 of Terms and Conditions and Process for Granting Approval for Adoption of Nepali Child by Alien, 2008, Inter Country Adoption Management Committee invites applications from the prospective adoptive parents through all the concerned embassies/diplomatic missions or international adoption agencies, for the year of 2012. In this regard, the Committee would like to request all to take the following notes:

Application for orphan and relinquished children should be submitted within 90 days being effective from 17 November, 2011 and no time restriction for the children with special needs.

Application includes-

Consent letter from concerned authority of the home country of adoptive parent/s,

Guarantee letter from the concerned authority (Government or Embassy) of the home country specifying that adopted children will be treated as biological children,

Birth certificate of applicant/s,

Documents proving the marital status of the applicant/s,

Family status including the birth certificate/s of biological/adoptive child (if any),

Health certificate of applicant/s issued by licensed medical practitioner,

Character certificate of applicant/s issued by government authority,

Documents proving properties and income sources of the applicant/s,

Photocopy of passport of applicant/s,

Social, psychological and home study report of applicant/s,

Covering letter of the embassy/ diplomatic mission/adoption agency,

Photographs depicting exteriors and interiors of living apartment/residence,

Commitment of the applicants to comply with post adopting requirements,

Prospective adoptive parent's sheet.

3. Application without valid and complete documents shall not be entertained

4. Application exceeding the quota shall not be entertained.

5. Application should be attached with the proof of bank transfer of an advance payment (non-refundable) of US $300 (three hundred) to the following bank accounts:

Name of the Bank: Everest Bank Limited, Singh durbar, Kathmandu

Name of Account: Inter Country Adoption Management Development Committee

Account Number: 00101102200050

Swift Code No: E V B L N P K A

Download Prosepective parents' Sheet

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