Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MOWCSW Notice May 17, 2009

The Ministry would like to draw attention of all concerned Embassies, Diplomatic Mission Adoption agencies, and Representatives relating to Inter Country Adoption on the followings:

  1. Information regarding the referral of Children will be only provided through those Embassy, Diplomatic Mission or Adoption Agency which have forwarded adoption dossiers to this Ministry.
  2. Information regarding those adoption dossiers - which are under process - will not be provided as per the decision of Government of Nepal.
  3. Telephone enquiry on the status of matching will not be entertained until and unless final decision on the child to be adopted will be made.
  4. Upon the submission of adoption dossier, the Ministry will verify the documents as per the "Terms and Conditions". Respective Embassy, Diplomatic Mission, adoption agency and local Representative will be notified for any incomplete / faltering documents.
  5. This Ministry assures that timely information will be provided to respective Embassy, Diplomatic Mission, Adoption agency, and local representative once the final authorization will be made on the child to be granted for inter country adoption.

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