Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RESOURCE: Adoption Buddy Program

International Adoption Resources, a Yahoo Group for prospective and adoptive families, offers an Adoption Buddy Program for those going through the international adoption experience. The Adoption Buddy Program matches prospective adoptive parents with experienced adoptive parents who can provide information, resources, and support through the adoption process. Prospective parents may chose to be matched with mentors who share the same country program, age range of children, family background, and/or faith experiences. The Adoption Buddy Program has been active for over three years and offers a positive, informative, and supportive adoption experience for prospective parents. Adoption Mentors receive educational materials and support from the program coordinators. Applicants for the IAR Adoption Buddy Program are thoroughly screened. Prospective and adoptive parents who wish to participate in the program must join the International Adoption Resources Yahoo Group at:

Disclosure note: International Adoption Resources Group is not affiliated with PEAR, however, the groups is owned and moderated by current PEAR board members Gina Pollock, Karen Holt and Pam Veazie. The Adoption Buddy Program is coordinated by Pam Veazie and Gina Pollock.

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  1. I've have just been matched with another family who has been down Nepal the path not once but twice. Thank you!! Great program.


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