Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog reports Sweden has suspended adoptions from Nepal

A Swedish blog is reporting that Sweden has suspended adoptions from Nepal:

Today we received a call from our adoption agency. They stated that the Hague has written a report sighting several things they felt Nepal needed to address with their adoptions. Because of that report, Sweden will no longer allow adoptions from Nepal to be processed. It means that we are dead in the water. There are 3 couples that actually received referrals last October and they may not be able to go get their children (please pray for them, I don't know their names). I am thankful that I had not received a picture at this point. This does not mean that Nepal is closing adoptions, just that Sweden will not allow them to proceed. Those who follow this blog that live in different countries will need to check with their agency and their State Dept. (or central authority on adoptions) to see how they are proceeding with the Hague information.


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