Thursday, February 4, 2010

UPDATE on Nepal Adoptions

PEAR has been informed by prospective adoptive parents that the Nepal government is not accepting new applications for adoption at this time. This information has been confirmed by some adoption service providers, but not by any US officials. From what we understand, this is not a closure of adoptions from Nepal. According to our sources, the Nepal government will begin accepting new dossiers once the backlog of 2009 cases have been cleared. At this point, only about 60 of the reported 500+ dossiers have been processed to completed adoptions or referrals.

PEAR is respectfully requesting that adoption service providers approved to assist in adoptions in Nepal cease recruiting families for 2010 until a majority of the families currently waiting have been matched with children. We also respectfully request that the US Embassy in Nepal and the DOS officially look into this issue and publish an Adoption Notice reflecting the current situation in Nepal.

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