Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reforms -- Notice No. 7 (MOWCSW)

Notice No 7

In accordance with the Terms and Condition of Inter Country Adoption, 2008, the following reforms have been made:

1. The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare is the Central Authority for Inter Country adoption.

2. The Application should be submitted by the adoptive parents through accredited
Agencies/Diplomatic Mission to the Ministry.

3. Selection of the child by the adoptive parents has been prohibited.

4. Family Matching Committee is established to match the parent for the child.

5. The Matching committee should match the parent for the child on the first come first basis.

6. The Orphanages should be accredited to the Ministry for the purpose of Inter country adoption.

7. The child should stay at least 90 days to the orphanage to be eligible for the inter country adoption.

8. Before starting Inter Country Adoption Process, the orphanage at first should give priority for the domestic adoption by inviting application in the National News Paper and Media.

9. Domestic Adoption is registered and completed by the District Land Revenue Office.

10. The fee paid by the adoptive parent is very helpful for the protection and care of the other children staying at the orphanages.

11. The fee is very transparent and controls the irregularities.

12. The Orphanage is responsible for the auditing of their income and expenses.

13. The adoptive parent is not allowed to visit the orphanage before the decision by the Ministry.

14. The processing fee paid as government revenue by the Adoptive parent is used for the protection and development programme of the child.

15. Child with biological parent is strictly prohibited for inter country adoption. If it is found in the process of inter country adoption, the orphanage will be penalized. The Ministry will rescue the children of that orphanage to another orphanage.

16. Voluntarily abandoned child is only eligible in the following condition:

1. Single child cannot be abandoned,

2. Child whose father is dead and who has been abandoned by his/her mother after another marriage,

3. Biological parent have to have one child with them if they have more than one child-

· Father and mother are very poor and unable to support for development and care of their child,

· The father or mother who have permanent sterilization of family planning,

· Children whose father or mother is dead or is medically insane or mentally unsound and who have a very poor mother and unable to develop and care of the child.

Ethics, Transparency, Support
~ What All Adoptions Deserve.

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